Visit us at Cybertech Asia 2018!

Visit us at Cybertech Asia 2018!

    Cybertech Asia – the Leading Cyber Platform Cybertech Asia in Singapore is proud to serve as a platform for knowledge-sharing, discussion and networking across the world of cyber. 

    ThinkCloud will be exhibiting a revolutionary e-signature solution named SelfieSign at Cybertech Asia 2018, which will be held in Suntec Convention Center in Singapore from March 27th ~ March 28th.


    SelfieSign combines e-signature with video record, therefore, able to re-live the signature process for electronic signature demonstrating”Who”is present and actually signing the document electronically; “When”and”Where”was the document signed also”What”was the purpose of this signature.

     This solution offers extra layer of security for electronic signature by showing”who”actually approves proving users are conscious and consensual for the sign-off approval hence provide transparency and visibility for online and mobile transactions or document and contract exchanges that involve signature.


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