Suffering from brain fog? Causes, symptoms and remedies to get over.

Suffering from brain fog? Causes, symptoms and remedies to get over.

You might have faced a situation when during a class or doing an assignment you felt your brain completely shutting down, you lost focus and felt like you are left behind and everything else going forward at a rapid speed, this condition is called brain fogging and is very common when your brain is exhausted due to diverse reasons. Students suffer from brain fogging a lot as they have tough lifestyles in which get exhausted mentally and physically is very common. Although it is not a medical term, psychiatrists believe in the condition as it can be the beginning of anxiety and depression.


When the condition struck, you will feel lost and confused losing inspiration and motivation to attempt simple tasks as well. You will be aware of your potential but will lack the motivation to do anything. You will literally feel your brain malfunctioning including forgetting information or tasks, fatigue and feeling dull and slow.


There can be a number of causes and reasons that are responsible to put the brain into such condition.  

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can be one of the major causes of brain fog and students tend to ignore sleep the most. You might find your mind malfunctioning if you are not getting a sound eight-hour sleep for any reason. Your disturbed sleeping hours will make the brain fatigued resulting in severe brain fog symptoms.

Poor diet

It is a common misconception that junk food affects the physical outlook of the body and we tend to forget that our brain is the most complex and the biggest working organ of our body and our poor diet will have negative effects on it. High sugar intake and eating food with less fiber will deprive the brain of necessary nutrients leaving it tired and fatigued.

Mental stress

Students are under a lot of stress most of the times and the pressures of handling school, work, studies, and social life have its toll. Being in constant tension release the stress hormone in our body called cortisol and its high levels cause sleep deprivation, difficulty to focus and cravings od junk food that is similar to being a victim of brain fog. 


It has been proved through various studies that even a 1% of dehydration level can alter the brain functions negatively resulting in increased fatigue, lack of focus, long or short term memory loss and lack of problem-solving skills.

Lack of exercise

Regular exercise is actually helpful in increasing the functioning and size of the part of the brain that is responsible for thinking and memory. The increased blow flew when you work out is also necessary to enhance the brain’s performance. If you are not of any kind of physical workout, then you are more prone to getting not only physical but mental health issues as well. An inactive body will apparently lead to an inactive mind.

Remedies for the problem

Now that we have established what are the symptoms and causes of brain fog let’s move on the remedies or solutions? It is quite evident that one has to bring drastic changes in the lifestyle to eliminate the causes and effects of the brain fog and to move towards being productive and motivated at all times. Here are a few changed in the daily routine that will help you out to avoid getting numb and brain fog.

  • Have at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night as our brain and body cells rejuvenate while sleeping and this break also regains the lost energy.
  • Bring drastic changes to eating patterns and inculcate fiber and protein-rich food in your diet and try to avoid junk food at all costs.
  • Recognize the stress you are facing and do not go in denial. Find the cause and eliminate it possible. If you are stressed due to studies seek help from an Essay Writing Service UK for your written assignments.
  • Be physically active and ensure that some kind of physical activity is included in your routine.

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Evan is a nutritionist and dietician and is now researching on developing programs to make healthy lifestyle possible for people of all ages. He regularly addresses his readers through his online blog and magazine columns.



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