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雲想科技ThinkCloud繼2月25日至2月27日巴塞隆納新創大會4YFN之後,將再參加於Fira Barcelona Montjuïc-Plaza España舉辦的『e Fintech Show』,時間為2019年3月12日至3月13日。

  e Fintech Show為了希望能夠將去中心化技術,例如:區塊鏈,和現有的許多不同fintech商業模式整合,創造出嶄新的去中心化經濟模式,並且可以持續為我們既有的金融服務帶來改變。聚集了30個新創團隊所,將展出對於銀行及金融產業都具有「破壞性」影響力的新創解決方案。其特別之處在於聽眾可以從30個團隊帶來的「電梯簡報」中吸收來自世界各地的創新技術知識。參與eFintech Show的團隊中有30%以上來自歐洲及拉丁美洲的銀行、金融科技、新聞媒體、創業投資者、企業家、部落客等。


  目前SelfieSign在台灣已被應用於醫療與金融領域:醫療應用由中國醫藥大學附設醫院率先導入SelfieSign,將醫療同意書全面電子化,因而獲得衛福部頒發「病歷無紙化」及「創新應用」雙金獎;現在彰化基督教醫院、長庚醫院、馬偕紀念醫院也正準備導入SelfieSign影音電子簽名技術。金融方面由國泰人壽率先導入應用於電子保單簽署系統;亞太普惠金融科技也導入SelfieSign 應用於線上不動產租賃合約簽署。

 SelfieSign已入選法國巴黎Le Swave Regtech加速器監管科技團隊,目前正在申請歐洲最新電子簽章法eIDAS。



ThinkCloud will be showcasing a revolutionary e-signature solution-SelfieSign at“e Fintech Show”, which will take place at Montjuïc-Plaza España from 2019/3/12 to 2019/3/13.

“e Fintech Show”is a series of conferences and exhibition focused exclusively on presenting the best and the most innovative technological solutions for banking and finance, from 30 disruptive Fintech Startups from all different regions of the world.

  “e Fintech Show”aims to showcase how decentralization technologies like Blockchain can integrate with fintech to innovate and continue revolutionizing the financial service models and behavior. An unique feature of“e Fintech Show”is the elevator pitches presented by 30 startups from different parts of the world in which visitors can learn about the disruptive innovations they are offering.

Another special feature of the show is that it is an exclusive event for technology executives of banking, finances, press, venture capital, analysts, bloggers and entrepreneurs. More than 30% are European and Latin American executives.

SelfieSign, a revolutionary e-signature solution invented by ThinkCloud, is a dynamic biometric e-signature technology that combines e-signature and selfie video record on top of facial recognition. This combination is able to demonstrate the signer was“Alive”,“Aware”and actual“Approval” by signing off the document or process. SelfieSign allows the evidence of signature including signer and signing process to be simultaneously recorded during signature creating “Undeniable Signature”. Therefore, SelfieSign can be applied to reinforce KYC process for Blockchain and financial institutions.

SelfieSign has been implemented in medical and financial industries in Taiwan. For medical industry, ThinkCloud collaborate with China Medical University Hospital implement SelfieSign across all departments for medical consents successfully digitizing all paper-based consent forms and signatures in its operations. Due to this achievement China Medical University Hospital was awarded “Paperless Hospital” and “Innovation award” by Ministry of Health and Welfare. Major medical centers in Taiwan such as Changhua Christian Hospital, Chang Gung Medical Foundation, and Mackay Memorial Hospital has also started implementing SelfieSign. For finance industry, Cathay Life Insurance launched their new electronic insurance sales system using SelfieSign as its signature mechanism to digitize insurance policies. Asia Money Fintech Company implemented SelfieSign for online signing of real estate lease.

SelfieSign was selected by Le Swave accelerator in Paris, France as a regtech solution and is currently being reviewed for eIDAS compliance.


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