Prepare rocking presentations keeping in mind these guidelines

Prepare rocking presentations keeping in mind these guidelines

The teaching and learning styles are quite different and depend a lot on written assignments and presentations. For an assignment, you can always take help from Best Essay Writing Service but for presentations, you need to work yourself from scratch. A major chunk of your grades depends on the class performance and presentations. You need to be very vigilant while preparing the presentations as it is the only project in which you have to be in front of the live audience which is quite intimidating. Moreover, most of the presentations are quite passive and has the tendency of making the audience bored. The main areas that you have to work are content, the language used the slides should be attractive and your way presenting should be captivating. Make sure that when you are on the stage your first slide till the last should be able to tell the audience something new so that their interest is kept in the presentation.

Research thoroughly

The foremost step is planning and research. Thoroughly research on the topic that you are about to present and make sure that you have all sorts of opinions about the topic so that you can add value to your argument. Do not depend on a single source for research and take into account various online resources along with other types of information tools. If you have chosen a topic for which you can acquire firsthand information always prefer that over the other sources.

Prepare customized slides

Although PowerPoint is the most famous and convenient platform for presentations and now offer a number of designs and themes for the slides, however, if you can design yourself or ask a friend to do them. Customized slides will provide your presentation with a fresh and new look and will be able to capture the immediate attention of the audience. It will also show your dedication and seriousness of the topic.

Have a welcoming body language 

A major part of the presentation depends on they you will present it. You need to have a positive body language which should show your confidence, command on the topic and your intentions to impress the audience. Use the entire podium available and do not stand static at one place. Keep your arms open and ensure that you stand tall and do not crouch. All these body postures are very necessary to have a positive impact on the audience.

Make it interactive with open-ended questions

A presentation does not only mean that you have to keep on speaking. While you are presenting your point of view try to involve the audience at a sufficient level to avoid boredom but don’t go overboard as you might lose the grip on the content. Keep on asking open needed questions and allow the listeners to get involved to a certain extent.

Have limited text

This is a basic rule and may the most be discussed still overlooked massively. Presentation means to use the slides as an aid and not the only source. The slides should only contain the gist of the topic that should be accompanied by relevant images and should be presented in pointers. Do not add too much text and don’t make the slides very wordy and try to use easy vocabulary that is easily readable and comprehensible.

Add interesting images

Images play a very important part in a presentation. Use interesting and high-quality images that should be able to explain your point further. If your topic allows, use animated images and GIFs that will make the presentation attractive and interesting.

Don’t save the best for the last

It is a general misconception that one should save the best part of the presentation for the last but this should be the case. If your audience feels bored by the middle it is very unlikely that they will be able to concentrate what you will be showing in the last. Keep the bits of interesting pints after every few slides and do not drag a point on too many slides.



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