How to Keep Your Apple ID Secure and Protected

How to Keep Your Apple ID Secure and Protected

If you have ever lost your Apple ID, then you must know the horror of it. Even if you have never faced it yourself, experiencing so could prove to be lethal as your Apple ID is connected with everything. It can be something personal like Calendar, Mail, or Remainders, etc. or it may be a subscription for music or apps.

If someone with bad intentions gets hold of your Apple ID, then it could prove t be disastrous. Stealing and selling your data is a given, but it can result in even worse things. To avoid such adverse scenarios, you can follow the provided instructions and keep your Apple ID secure:

  • Switch On Two-Step Authentication

Two-Step authentication offers an extra layer of security to you as to when you attempt to log in to a new device; you have to enter a code received by a trusted Apple device. You can set it up quickly by:

  1. Open the Settings tab.
  2. Locate Password and Security.
  3. Press Turn on Two-Step Authentication.
  4. Press Continue.
  5. Provide a trusted mobile number and opt to get the code via text or phone call.
  6. Press Next.
  7. Provide the verification code received by the trusted mobile number.

You can add multiple numbers in case you cannot operate the primary one. However, you are suggested not to put anyone else’s number.

  • Add another Device in the List of Trusted Device

You can verify your identity by providing the verification code from Apple via a trusted device. It can be availed when you log in on another browser or device. Minimum requirements for it are: iPadOS 13, iOS 9, or OS X 10.11.

Set another device as trusted by:

  1. After turning on Two-Step verification, log in with the same ID on another device you wish to add.
  2. When prompted to provide six-digit authentication code, follow one of the given steps:
  3. Get the authentication code on the iPhone or trusted device that is connected to the web
  4. Find the notification on the mobile.
  5. Press Allow to see the code.
  6. Get the authentication code on a trusted mobile number
  7. If you cannot operate a trusted device, then press “Did not get a verification code?
  8. Select a phone number.
  9. Get the authentication code on an offline trusted device
  10. In case you own an iPad, iPhone or touch iPod
  11. Open the Settings tab.
  12. Locate Password and Security.
  13. Press Get Verification Code.
  14. In case you own a Mac with macOS Catalina:
  15. Select the Apple menu.
  16. Choose System Preferences.
  17. Press Apple ID.
  18. Select Password and Security.
  19. Tap Get Verification Code.
  20. In case you own a Mac with macOS 10.14 or earlier version
  21. Select the Apple menu.
  22. Choose System Preferences.
  23. Press iCloud.
  24. Select Security.
  25. Tap Get Verification Code.
  26. Provide the authentication code on a new device
  27. Add or Delete a Trusted Phone Number

You already know that you can add new numbers for completing the Two-Step Authentication process. To add or delete a mobile number from it, follow the given steps:

  1. Launch the Settings tab.
  2. Find Password and Security.
  3. Press Edit and follow with:
  4. Add Number- To add a trusted mobile number
  5. Remove Number- To remove a trusted mobile number
  6. Edit or Delete Trusted Devices

You can add or remove trusted devices to make your iPhone more secure. To do so:

  1. Visit the Settings tab.

(You will be able to see a list of the trusted device at the bottom of the screen)

  • To check whether the device is trusted or not, press it, and locate, “This device is trusted and can receive Apple ID verification codes.”
  • To delete a device, press it, and click Remove from Account.
  • Generate an App Password that logins to Apple ID

You can add a specific password in addition to the Two-Step authentication step. This would result in requiring the password to access your Apple ID when signing in on third-party apps. To do so, follow the presented instructions:

  1. Log in to the Apple ID account.
  2. Press Generate Password.
  3. Follow the mentioned steps.

Your Apple ID is now secure and protected from any threats or concerns.

Becky Losby is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at 

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