How to increase your Snapchat followers list Quickly?

How to increase your Snapchat followers list Quickly?

Snapchat is the latest sensation in the world of social media. This is a relatively new platform that is being explored slowly and steadily. Snapchat also holds equal importance for business owners as it is a very useful tool to grow and expand your business.

It is the foundation of the creation of natural content in the market. Even Instagram has been immensely popular among people these days. But one thing about Snapchat that beats Instagram is that it is a natural platform. 

The challenge on Snapchat for business owners

The biggest challenge any brand that decides to promote business through Snapchat faces is how to find active Snapchat followers. It is a tricky task to get followers who may be interested in your brand but not impossible. There is no suggested friends list on Snapchat, unlike other platforms like facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

You have to explore how you can connect with people. The point to remember is that all the tactics of Instagram won’t work here. A few old fashioned tricks can help you to Increase Snapchat Followers.

How can you increase the Snapchat followers?

Listed below are a few tricks that can help you in increasing the Snapchat followers

1) Prepare a clear Snaphat strategy

All your hard work to increase the Snapchat followers will go in vain until you do not have a well-planned marketing strategy. Few things that the marketing strategy should include are

  • One of the basic things will be to explore numerous ways that can increase your Snapchat following. Other basic things along with the followers to be included are what are your goals like number of views or web conversions? 
  • Knowledge of your target audience and their interests is a must.
  • Be clear and precise about the brand story you would like to share.
  • Choose the themes, images, and colours that go well with your story and reflect your brand.

2) Share code on a social media platform and via email

An easy way to gain maximum followers is by inviting the already existing contacts. This is the best because the contacts you invite will already know you and without a second thought follow you.

Snapchat has a direct connection with the phone, so you can allow Snapchat to access your contacts and other social media accounts. This way, in a click, you can add followers.

Another thing that can be done is that you can share the QR code with your already existing customer base. 

3) Arrange coupons, discounts or gifts

This is a powerful strategy to engage the followers on your account. When done in a correct manner, it can also increase sales. Contents, giveaways, and coupons will attract a major section of people to follow your account. People will time and again visit your account to check any new offers going on.

The above point can be justified by the fact that maximum users on Snapchat age between 13 years to 35 years. This means it is an ideal platform for the young generation. If your brand is for the young generation, then they will definitely visit you time and again. 

4) Keep posting creative and engaging content

Today is the time when the whole marketing game depends upon good content. Good content can travel pretty fast and reach the audience. Post such influencing and compelling stories that people like your stories and people will reach in “for you” tab. Various brands in a short span of time have profited from Snapchat. Below are the things to consider when you post a story

  • A catchy eye headline that attracts the people
  • The story should be a reflection of what the brand promises
  • A short and brief story will be enough to tell people
  • For a high traffic area, you can apply geo tags
  • Make the story interesting by adding music
  • Post in the language your audiences like. Using slangs and phrases of their choices will be apt.
  • Create various quizzes and contest for audience

5) Be regular in posting

It is necessary to keep the followers engaged in your account. This can only be done when you post regularly. On average, a person will spend 30 minutes on the Snapchat app and login many times. You can find out what are the peak times of your audience. Post on the time when they log in. 

6) Username should be submitted to various Snapchat directories

When you are new on Snapchat, just creating a new story won’t help. You need to connect with people. You can find people to follow through various Snapchat directories.

Ghostcodes, AddMeSnaps, Snapcodes are a few directories to name. With these directories, you can discover new people to follow. Brands can even add their username here so that when a person searches the user to connect, your brand name can pop up. This is a great way to increase followers. 


In the competitive world of today, it is difficult to stand out in the crowd. It is difficult to make a name for yourself on a platform that is relatively new, and you don’t have much knowledge.

To grab the attention of people, the right approach with the best marketing tactics can be helpful. Include the above points in your marketing strategy and make long term customers. Be careful that you have enabled privacy and security settings for friends.

Though the goal is to make content viral among a maximum number of people, it is advisable to maintain some privacy. You can also block any user who you feel should not have access to your content. You are the boss of your account. Use it in the way you will be best for your brand.

Snapchat is a platform where you have to be natural and cannot pretend. You cannot become a sensation overnight and Increase Snapchat Followers. It requires your time and patience.




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