Homeschooling tension – How to measure the Learning capabilities of my child

Homeschooling tension – How to measure the Learning capabilities of my child

Many of the parents are just concerned about a single question – Is my child learning?

This constant query of many parents is due to the non-responsive attitude of their children towards education, making parents feel to know a lot about their children education.

It is a common theory that educational institutes are regularly conducting tests to check the learning skills of the students. Every month, spelling and reading tests are held, chapter tests and also some states in the US are conducting standardized tests. It is the concern of many parents that is the results are good and the grades are beyond their expectations, then their children are learning and that’s a good sign.

But the problem occurs for those students who are placed in homeschooling as a finding of the learning potential is sometimes difficult for parents to know how their child is performing. This is because the regular testing procedures are not followed in home-schooling and testing is the only way to check the performance.

How to check and for how long

When we are talking about homeschooling, the procedures are different from traditional schooling and the performance of the child is not measured. The time spent on each chapter is less as compared to traditional schooling as the curriculum date is not fixed and the teacher does not need to finish the course on time. In homeschooling, the child gets ample time to complete the course and they can easily adjust their timing for preparation. Also, the child is given full attention to the particular topic before moving on to the other.

The calendar of the traditional schools are fixed and they need to complete the course in a maximum number of days. However, homeschooling is not getting any timeline to get the course complete. Students in the traditional classes are moving from one place to another to keep in line with the timetable and get less than 40 minutes to settle down in other class during the full day at university.

Homeschoolers can take a lot of time throughout the day. They can easily work from the kitchen table to the sofa set and taking less time to juggle between classes and floors or taking a flight to catch the next class. When is the last time we heard that the whole course book is completed by a traditional school child? It is, however, safe for a homeschooling child to cover more material in a day as compare to the traditional school child as they take different classes during the day and also have some time for play and break.

The testing procedure

The homeschooled children are not addicted to tests and the teacher is considerably spending less time to prepare the child. It is a fact that testing is not the only way to check the learning potential of the child.

Standardized tests are also different from regular testing procedures. This procedure allows the child to showcase their learning in any format; either MCQs or short answers. Even if the child is not giving a valuable answer, this does not reflect the learning or the knowledge of the student.

Let’s check

It is very difficult to measure the learning ability of the child, but you as a parent can tell whether your child is learning or not. The face story, the attitude or the expression can tell you the story or you just want to wait for the progress report.

There are many symptoms to check the homeschooling child’s learning ability. If the child is all set to go to school and is showing interest in textbooks and want to learn more, it means he is learning and you can test his ability.

But if the child id failing to showcase the interest, you can have a conversation with the teacher and the child to learn about his problem. Check the ability by telling him to be the teacher and give a speech on the learning module or ask him to teach you the lesson. There are similar ways through which you can check the ability before moving on the new material.

Final thought

It is the responsibility of the parent and the teacher to check the stages of the learning. Check the instructional material from the genuine coursework writing services UK to test the child and be the judge to see the learning of your child.



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