Can’t Ignore Content Marketing Trends for 2019

Can’t Ignore Content Marketing Trends for 2019

If you’ve been around the digital marketing scene for a while, there is no doubt that you would’ve seen a lot of changes take place in a short period. As the majority of traditional business and marketing practices have been abandoned, in lieu Of modern digital alternatives, the game to successfully market your content has been rebuilt from the ground up. Now, this doesn’t mean that distributing flyers, among other methods of old, is irrelevant, but rather that it’s imperative to keep your marketing strategies Fresh.

Listed below are some of the trends that have taken the world by storm, and are undoubted to shape the world of marketing in the future as well.

Artificial intelligence

Now, when the term artificial intelligence comes to mind, many would imagine robots crushing the human race below their feet. However, as of late, AI technologies have found another use in marketing, as they are incredible tools for targeted marketing and data analysis. From a purely competitive standpoint, artificial intelligence allows for through and deeper analysis of competitor strategies, and allows for sustaining that knowledge in the long run., AI will be able to not only develop new strategies on its own but also enhance existing tactics with Time. Nearly all aspects of online business will and can benefit from AI, and you will find some instances later in the article.

Programmatic Advertising

An application of artificial intelligence, programmatic advertising refers to the bidding of advertisements by an automated system. In contrast to a traditional setup where an expert bids on advertisements manually, the task is completely automated from the beginning. An application of this is in real- Time bidding, where the goal is to automate the bidding process through real-time analysis and monitoring. This process is not only practical but also a lot faster than what a human would be able to accomplish. As of writing, the vast majority of advertising Platforms are shifting to programmatic advertising at a rapid pace.

Automated Chatbots

Continuing the AI ​​trend, Chatbots are another form of digital marketing that is greatly benefiting from automation. As this is based on the language processing capabilities of an intelligent system, there is virtually no need for a human operator behind the wheel. As a matter of fact, a sizable majority of Chatbots currently in use are automated, and there is a good chance you might’ve talked to one and not even noticed. As this is a technology that learns from itself, what was initially a yes and no responder can even pass the Turing test, given enough time.

Video marketing

If there is anything that can be stated with confidence, it is that the primary medium of content consumption is no longer long blogs and articles. A quick look around social media would reveal that this is the main form of content being produced, and is getting As popular example, a popular steaming platform YouTube supports 4K content, and owing to its efficient servers, it can broadcast that content well regardless of connection speed. There are also 60FPS videos, which are vastly smoother and realistic than traditional videos. Videos are not only a better option for SEO, but also allow for flexibility in the content type.


Perhaps the great disruption to the video game industry happened in the form of video gaming. What was once a simple game of pong, using three-pixel elements on the screen, has now evolved into a platform indistinguishable from real life. Developments and success is simply its interactive nature, and that can be adapted to marketing as well. As an example, it is possible to harness the drive of gamers by rewarding them with coupons and discounts to your services. On another level,  professional content writers and their services may be able to reward their customers with similar perks through academic quizzes and subject-relevant questions.  

Influencer marketing

Unlike the methods listed above the aim to generate sales leads through the power of analytics, influencer marketing takes a relatively different approach. By harnessing the energy of human connections and emotions, influencer marketing aims to sell a story rather than a product or a service. Now, influencers can also be well-known personalities, but people are far more comfortable with relating to individuals that upload content frequently, a la YouTube and Instagram personalities. As customers feel a lot more comfortable with influencers, their promotions and endorsements are also a lot more likely to take effect.

Immersive marketing

Something that was once a common trope in science fiction movies is now a gadget anyone can purchase. Ask any tech enthusiast about the greatest invention in consuming content, and you are sure to hear virtual and augmented reality. It can also be used to market content just as effectively.

Augmented reality has already been used to a high degree of success, specifically in the fashion and interior design industry. Reputed makeup brand Sephora has unveiled their virtual artist, in which you will be able to apply makeup to a picture of your face, without the Physical application of course. Another instance is by IKEA, in which you can take a picture of your room, and place furniture to see how it works with your room.  

Progressive web applications

Progressive web applications are just websites that offer the same functionality as regular applications, minus the download, of course. As compared to a normal mobile app, there is very little that you’re missing. PWA’s offer fast loading times, proper hardware utilization, Offline support and much more. What’s excellent about these applications is that you can use them on any platform, whether it’s Windows, Android or iOS, and you will be using the same interface.

Live streaming

With the surge in the prevalence of video games and event streaming services, it has become possible to analyze the data and use that to tailor your content strategy. There has been quite a lot of media coverage and attention toward online streaming platforms, and that has Only caus their popularity to skyrocket. What this means is that most streaming services and platforms use a simple layout, with the video player, chatbox, and space around those elements to use for advertisements. Depending on the streamer, that space can be used to Promotes brands, and through partnerships, benefit both the streamer and sponsor multiple.

Author Bio:

Gabriel Welch is a content marketer that has been in the industry for about a decade. On a personal level, he believes that the world of marketing has yet to reach its true potential, as the technologies that are its foundations are in a state of constant Evolution. By that principle, it is hard to predict where the industry will go in the next 5-10 years, and in that regard, he tries to keep his skillset as fresh as possible. Born a geek and raised by geeks, he aims To apply a thorough analytical method in analyzing everything from how to optimize content effectively, to how well a pizza pocket can be cooked in the microwave. When he is not busy, he enjoys watching Formula one and cycling at the local track.



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