Broadcast video content to private audiences: start monetizing live events today!

Broadcast video content to private audiences: start monetizing live events today!

Why use Private Streaming?

For Artists
Host private live streams of events and performances online for global, paying audiences.

For Educators
Conduct private online lectures and seminars with student interaction.

​For the Office
Administer secure and confidential conferences/presentations on a professional platform with audience engagement.


Why use Virtual Ticketing?

Physical in-person events, such as courses, forums, seminars, and concerts are bound by a set of common problems.

These include: audience capacity limitations, restriction to a certain physical location, and the entire experience is limited to the duration of the event.

Virtual ticketing with private streaming allow events to bypass all these restrictions, resulting in a broader reach, greater attendance, and more captured profit.


What we offer

1. Push your video to our live streaming platform to be broadcast to any number of private viewers around the world.

2. Ticketing system to restrict viewing to paying or authorized viewers.

3. Whitelabel or embed our professional live streaming player on your site!

It’s easy to get started on our platform:
– No registration needed
– No apps to install
– No minimums
– No contracts, pay only for what you use

Ready to get started? We’d love to help out with your next event!
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