Studio 1 Labs

Studio 1 Labs

團隊名稱 Studio 1 Labs
Studio 1 Labs
成立時間 2015-03-05
公司地區 北美
產業類型 健康醫療
募資階段 種子輪
員工人數 不公開
發展階段 成長期
中文名稱 Intelligent Bed Sheet
英文名稱 Intelligent Bed Sheet
上線時間 2022-1-1
主要市場 台灣、北美


Studio 1 Labs is a global leader in advanced flexible electronic systems with a patented intelligent bed sheet patient monitoring solution without any attachments to the body. Users simply lie on the bed sheet with no intervention to their daily routine. The bed sheet system uses advanced analytics to address three areas: 1) fall prevention, 2) prolonged pressure prevention, 3) breathing patterns. The bed sheet system detect trends and activity of movements and transitioning to bed exits. Using advanced analytics and AI, Studio 1 Labs' intelligent bed sheet provides clinical grade end points while increasing mobility and quality of life for the patient as it will eliminate the need for uncomfortable wearable devices.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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