Qnext Corp

Qnext Corp

團隊名稱 Qnext Corp
Qnext Corp
公司地區 北美
產業類型 Mobile Internet
員工人數 不公開
中文名稱 FileFlex
英文名稱 FileFlex
主要市場 北美


Qnext is a global developer of disruptive apps located near Toronto Canada. Its flagship product is FileFlex. FileFlex enables any server, notebook, desktop, SAN, NAS, DAS or router to be available anytime, anywhere through a secure and private network and single dashboard from any computer, tablet or smart phone. FileFlex essentially takes any storage structure and turns it in its entirety into a private cloud.

The file access virtualization technology behind FileFlex has been developed over five years with three patents issued and seven patents pending.


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