Anchor Roundtable with MOX: Women in Venture (III)

Anchor Roundtable with MOX: Women in Venture (III)

This is a special evening for female investors to connect at Taipei’s coolest hotspot, share info and support each other. The reason of hosting this gathering is hopefully soon we don’t need a “Women in -” series!

At the moment women still make up only less than 10% of the venture capital private equity world. Join us if you are the minority who are passionate about venture investing (both institutional & angel investors welcome).

We are joining forces with our awesome partner MOX this time, with a special guest Shannon Kalayanamitr – Venture Partner at Gobi Partners, Founder of Ikiqai Group, Co-Founder of Orami and a passionate equality advocate.

Date: Thursday, Aug 15, 2019
Time: 19:00 – 22:00

* 20-30 people salon style roundtable.
* Invite & investors only. Limited spots open for public.
* Please apply here:
* Venue info will be released to those invited/approved.
* Cost: minimum order at the venue (drink or meal – TBD).

* 女性投資人聚會
* 邀請制 – 特殊小型圓桌活動,聚會地點將會通知審核通過的朋友

? ABOUT OUR SPECIAL GUEST: Shannon Kalayanamitr

Ex-Management Consultant and Investment Banker at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Lehman Brothers, covering Asia ex-Japan and China, Shannon’s entrepreneurial journey started with 2 companies: Iconic Media focused on media, events, festivals, integrating TV formats and media applications such as Asia’s Next Top Model, and with Altus Transactional Services, a Financial Advisory Group, with focus on acquiring, building and restructuring conglomerates throughout South East Asia.

In 2013 – 2017 – Shannon Co-Founded Orami, and was the former Chief Marketing Officer of [formerly MOXY] – the largest e-commerce destination for women in Southeast Asia, with 3 M&As under its belt, and global investors such as Eduardo Saverin [Facebook], and Gobi Partners [Alibaba Fund Manager, HK, China], and was one of the first Thai companies to roll out a regional play.

? ABOUT MOX – Mobile Only Accelerator

MOX is the Mobile-Only Accelerator of SOSV, the 3rd most active lead investor globally and 5th most active seed investor in female-founded startups (Crunchbase 2018). We are also the first accelerator group in Asia and one of four in the world to have a unicorn go through the program – BitMEX. MOX enables mobile apps, platforms and services from around the world to reach hundreds of millions of mobile-first, mobile-only smartphone users in SE Asia and India. Through strategic partnerships in the mobile industry, MOX enables its investees to rapidly penetration new markets. We aim to bring best in breed solutions to the next 4 billion smartphone users who most need them. Learn more about MOX here:

? ABOUT ANCHOR TAIWAN (Next up: Taiwan Innovation Sprint | Circular Economy, AI & More)

Anchor Taiwan is a platform for world-class entrepreneurs and professionals to experience and succeed in Asia through Taiwan. Since its inception in 2017, it has hosted top founders and executives from Y Combinator, 500 Startups, UBS, Deutsche Telekom, Warner Bros., Uber and Intel, to name a few. Specializing in curation, mobilization and execution for win-win cross-border collaboration, Anchor Taiwan provides business advancement and market/cultural immersion for its members while engaging and empowering local communities. Find out more:

Anchor Taiwan 透過商業對接、社群交流和文化體驗,吸引國際新創和科技人才在台駐點 30 天,提升台灣的能見度,並增加廠商合作和資金人才往來的機會。目前已經參訪配合過的企業及社群夥伴包含宏達電、光寶、緯創、雪豹科技、大型加速器 MOX、AppWorks、Girls in Tech、TAVAR、工研院快制中心、外貿協會等等。成立至今,Anchor Taiwan 已經帶進全球加速器龍頭 Y Combinator 以及 500 Startups 投資的團隊,以及來自華納兄弟 (Warner Bros.)、德國電信 (Deutsche Telekom)、瑞銀 (UBS)、Uber、Intel 等國際人才,舉辦過的科技論壇以及創業沙龍含括物聯網、設計思考、群眾募資、農業科技、教育、虛擬實境、循環經濟等。Anchor Taiwan 於2019年開始 Anchor Venture Partners 的佈局,希望透過早期投資為創新創業帶來更多動能。|

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