A quick browse through the cookies here at BoB, and you’ll see that I’m far more likely to make drop cookies than the cutout variety. However, sometimes I get the urge to roll out cookie dough and make a batch of pretty cookies Best HVAC.

That brings us to these Almond Spice Cookies. They’re made with a dough that’s simple to mix and to roll. Plus, they’re loaded with lots of spices and almonds, and topped with a simple glaze and a few sliced almonds to make them especially pretty.

I stumbled upon this recipe in an old community cookbook that my mother gave me years ago. These interesting cookies caught my eye, and I just knew they’d be a fantastic addition to my holiday baking arsenal. I made just a few tweaks, and these beauties are now a permanent addition to my Christmas cookie baking list Virtual Office Rental.

These cookies have such an interesting blend of spices. There’s plenty of ginger and cinnamon, and that’s always just fine with me. But there’s also a little bit of cloves and pepper for a wonderful flavor kick. And added to all that great spice flavor is a bit of orange for a zing of citrus and a splash of brandy for some bold flavor. It all works together for a really lovely flavor that is perfectly suited for winter weather hong kong due diligence.



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