A Tailored Parachute for Your Asia Soft-landing

A Tailored Parachute for Your Asia Soft-landing


The to-do list of a startup is endless. When it comes to market expansion, the list of problems is even more devastating. You go to different talks, workshops, or put a bunch of effort arranging meetings and attending networking events. However, you only receive little meaningful result and waste a lot of time. Why not try a tailored soft-landing program that you can actually benefit from?

Anchor Taiwan presents you an exclusive Asia soft-landing program with a tailored experience from business to logistics. Instead of attending networking events and receive mostly random acquaintance, we bring you meaningful connections. The meetings are arranged with selected and focused key players from our network and local industries. In addition to that, we will assist you on local business development mapping, sourcing, and outreach, as well as sharing you with the insights of local market.

As for logistics, we take good care of your accommodation, transportation, SIM card, co-working space and such, so that you can focus on what matters to fully maximize your growth and success. We believe this is the better way, and the right experience to have.

What are the main features?

➤ Network with regional business/government leaders

➤ Innovation tours to bounce ideas and form partnerships with some of the most successful companies

➤ Highly customized market orientation and business advancement

➤ Investors? Join us to capitalize on early stage opportunities (cross-border & local)

Taiwan has always been a big contributor to global supply chain in the ICT industry, and is known for OEM/ODM in technology. Moreover, do you know that there are lots of hidden champions in Taiwan, such as shoes (biggest shoe manufacturer in the world), screws, recycling, bicycles (biggest and 2nd biggest bike manufacturers in the world), and so much more solid industry clusters? This is an island full of possibilities and innovation energy.

As for living experience, Taiwan really is the best place to drop anchor. Taiwan is ranked №2 in Top 10 World safest countries to settle. We also have one of the best healthcare systems globally, with democracy, an open and friendly population, and tremendous talent to help you realize your dreams. No wonder we are ranked the top place for expats in 2019 by InterNations.

Who we are looking for?

✔ If you are an entrepreneur scouting for the best place to expand in Asia… come to Taiwan!

✔ If you are an investor looking to make connections with high potential startups… come to Taiwan!

✔ If you are a corporate decision maker trying to outrun your rival… come to Taiwan!

✔ If you are full of passion to deliver your magnificent ideas… come to Taiwan!

✔ Whatever reason just that you want to move forward… come to Taiwan!

Our winter program is now open to apply. Don’t hesitate to grab this chance to explore Taiwan! Apply to start a conversation today and get the full agenda!

**Note: This article is originally published on Medium.



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