3 Reasons You Should Hire An Event Planner

3 Reasons You Should Hire An Event Planner

How to start planning an event? What do I have to do?

Is the venue suitable? How big should I print my backdrop? What kind of decoration and signage do I need? How much food do I need to serve? How much money do I need to spend for this event?

You might have all these bubbles popping out of your head when event planning comes to you. An experienced event planner will be able to help you answer and solve your problems within a click. Here’s why…

You can focus on your beloved guests

To be honest, there can be a million things to do in the process of building up an event. An event planner can take care of more than half of what is needed to do in the check list, whereas you can help to enjoy the night as this is your event, not your job. Let event planner take care of all the logistic arrangements and you can spare more time on building relationships and network with your clients.

Saves you time and money

Still spending days and nights searching for different supplier and venues? Event planner have a wide network of suppliers and partners in our pocket list, without wasting your time explaining to different contacts, we can be your one and only direct contact throughout the whole event.

Attention to details

From millions of past event experiences, event planners are attention to details and knows all the pros and cons to make the event a success. We are flexible in any last-minute changes or handle sudden situations that might happen on the event day, while staying calm and play by ear.

You are not alone, we got your back! 

About Eventy 

Eventy Corporation provides event management & consultation service. We do event planning, logistic management and anything in between!

To us, event is our passion to create exception and uniqueness. So, we don’t settle for anything that is told we can’t do beforehand or impossible! 

What are your next plans? Conference, themed dinner, incentive trip…, As long as you name it, Eventy got it!

For more information, please visit MeetHub—Eventy Corporation



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