10 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Websites Conversions

10 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Websites Conversions


You want to get a lot of audience for your website, that will happen if you produce good content. That content is called copywriting as it’s purposed to bring in sales. There are several tips that you can use for your copywriting to increase your sales and convert your website. Here are the ten most useful ones that every copy writer should know:

  1. Study your audience. You need to first identify who your target audience is then realize their needs and want and finally produce a content that will interest them. To boost your sales it is very important to produce content that has a demand otherwise your content will be of no use and you won’t be able to drive traffic for your website. To produce such content you must conduct a lot of research and see what groups of people are using your product. You need to organize them in group such as age, financial conditions and more to see if they all have things in common. Once you do this you will gain an insight and you will be able write your content is such a way that is relatable for them and not entirely alien.
  2. You want to engage customers so you must write your copy in a conversational tone. A conversational tone means that you must use words such as ‘you’ & ‘your’. Doing this will include the audience in the loop as it works as an address for them. It is more personal and helps the customer relate to the product. With the help of second-person writing you can touch the emotions of the masses as they are lead to believe that the company cares about them and their comfort thus all that they say is linked to us.
  3. Throw in facts and figures. People love numbers more than words. They think of them as a testament and it’s easy to understand. We would suggest you to talk in numbers. Instead of saying that we have a good success rate, give them a number. Say that we have had a 97% success rate. This is more believable and direct. This helps eradicate confusion as your definitions of ‘good success rate’ and theirs can be very different. But stay cautious do not go overboard by infecting your copy with more than enough facts and figures, this will sound superficial and boastful. The audiences will not appreciate that.
  4. The art of writing a copy is to be very smart at it. Use lots and lots of action words in your sentences to motivate your audience into taking action and doing what you want them to do. For example if you want them to sign up for your news letter than you should ask them to do it in subtle ways such “…… to get more information, go now and subscribe for your newsletter” the constant reminder and subliminal hints will surely motivate them to do what you want. Be creative and think out of the box, use different unconventional verbs that will stimulate action in the person reading.
  5. Remember that you are writing for an online audience. People online are not avid readers and will not be interested in long passages and would prefer to skip through your text to see if you offer what they need. Once you realize this it will be easier for you to write a copy. You need to be very direct with what you write, try to summarize everything in a very concise and effective manner. People get intimidated if they open a site and there’s a lot of reading material, they would move on to another without taking a single glance at you. Thus you must write in a way that conveys all your points, is fun to read and brief.
  6. Search Engine Optimization is the talk of the town. To generate for audience you need to write your copy keeping the SEO in your mind. It demands you to be cunning and sneak in keywords so that your site shows up when certain keywords are searched. However be very careful with it and avoid putting in superfluous amounts of keywords as it can damage your site’s rating. Be very natural with your keywords. You can even use keywords to lead your customer to other products sneakily. You learn all about SEO through vigorous training as it will help your website greatly.
  7. Impress with your headings. Headings are the first things you see when you open up a site. Your headings must be very interesting to instantly grab the attention of the visitor. Try to be as creative as you can be in your headings. You can talk about what your product promises to bring the customers or be witty and use your headlines to tug at the heart strings of your audience. Using the headlines you can convince the audience if the product is worth their time and money. Just like your content be specific with your headings, do not make it unnecessarily crowded.
  8. Customers will trust other customer’s words over yours. Rightfully so, they will probably believe that you obviously will talk about your product in good light as its your product and you’re earning money from it. Thus they cannot trust just anyone on the internet, who they know nothing about. That is why most sites include a section entirely for customer reviews. You can upload all the feedback that you get from your customers to encourage for customers to come join you. Try not to just include the good reviews; you must also include reviews that are average and not too appreciative. This will add a human touch to your site as not everyone always will find your product or services good.
  9. Be very clear with the instructions on your site. It can prove to be hazardous to confuse your audience as they want to get it done with it as soon as possible. They would not appreciate if your instructions are vague and they don’t know what the next step is. Be very clear and try to compliment the design of your site with the content. If there is a subscribe button on the top left corner then mention it in your content so that your audience is easily able to navigate through the site.
  10. Psychology is a great subject for business related fields. To be a successful businessman you must understand the psychology of the consumers. You must know what you will say to affect your consumers how. You can use psychological tactics to convert your audiences into customers by writing your content in a certain way. You can give the offers such as ‘order now to get a 20% discount” this will push your customers to order as soon as possible to avail the discount and get benefits. This is like a boost of adrenaline in your customers as they are given a time constraint and a great offer to avail, this will push them to order quickly and surely.

Using these ten amazing tips you can drastically improve your copywriting and boost your website conversions.

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